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Evolve GTR Street Wheels (97mm, 76a)

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Made in the USA!!

No matter how well the board performs, the wheels will define the ride experience!  We wanted nothing but the best wheel to be used on our Evolve boards. So we have teamed up with one of the best manufacturers in California USA to produce our new 97mm GT wheel.

Fast, Comfortable, & Functional — At 97mm tall, this wheel provides maximum roll speed for cruising, carving and going FAST!. The 56mm contact patch with its surface skin provides ultimate grip, while the subtly rounded edges help the wheels pass smoothly across pavement cracks.

Inline Race Formula — The Evolve 97mm wheel is poured with a special Inline Race Formula for maximum rolling speed that provides ultimate grip yet is extremely soft and smooth when riding.  Once the 97mm wheel is worn in it just gets better with age, it really is the nirvana of all urethanes!


  • Diameter: 97mm
  • Width: 57
  • Contact Patch: 56mm
  • Durometers: 76a (Black, orange and white)
  • Formula: Inline Race Formula

Customer Reviews

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Everything I Could’ve Wanted

I was putting together a DIY board because I wasn’t sure there was a board out there that could do everything I wanted. I had a bamboo GTX and it was great, but there was just something missing. Then when they announced the GTR it literally checked every box I could think of. So I sold off my DIY and ordered this as soon as it went live. Haven’t regretted it for a second. Loving the ride.

Best wheels yet

My favorite so far and I have every set made from evolve. They grip well as and personally I like the orange ones for aesthetics on the GTX! Think the white ones for my bamboo board next.

Best polyurethane wheels

I’ve bought every wheel that Evolve has to offer for the Carbon GT. So far these are by favorites. They’re well balance with the bumps and rocks plus it’s a smooth ride. So far so good. I would recommend it to all e-skate boarders.