Best for smooth surfaces, street wheels are chosen by those who want an ultra responsive ride, while feeling at one with the road. Say hello to a ride that's as smooth as butter.  Evolve was the first to design interchangeable gears that allow you to use a variety of popular branded skate wheels so you can customise your board to the way you like to ride.


• Street wheels have the advantage of more torque and reach higher speeds than all terrain wheels.

• Choice of gear and wheel sizes allow you to favour torque over top speed and visa versa.

• Learn tricks like sliding or dancing on the board.

• Great for carving.

• We've teamed up with ABEC 11, known for producing some of the best skate wheels in the business, to deliver all of our street boards standard with their top of the line 97mm race formula wheels which we love for their perfect balance between speed and comfort.

Up to 31 mph • 40 mile range

Our longest range carver
Flexi deck for comfort
Extreme performance

$2,549.00 USD
Up to 31 mph • 40 mile range

Fast and stable
Our longest range carver
Powerful and responsive

$2,899.00 USD
Up to 22 mph • 10 miles range

The pocket rocket
Our lightest board
Travel friendly

$1,199.00 USD
Up to 26 mph • 31 miles range

Surfy, carvy feel
Flexi deck
Performance meets value

$1,549.00 USD
Up to 26 mph • 31 miles range

Stable at high speed
Long range
Performance meets value

$1,899.00 USD

The Riders Have Spoken

Awesome Board!

It’s my 1st Evolve Board and I am super impressed with the stoke. It’s the perfect size with plenty of power.

- Craig W


The quality is unreal. 

My GTR bamboo street is so sick. I’m 57 and my son (who is 30) introduced me to Evolve. He got the Stoke and I got the GTR. We’re both having so much fun cruising around together. Our wives never see us 😂 The quality is unreal. From my first ride I couldn’t believe how it felt and the 97mm wheels just stick to the surface so well when carving. I’m loving it. Yeew! 🤙

- Gary G
Bamboo GTR Street

What a machine!

Loving my Carbon GTR with street set up. I upgraded from a bamboo GT and can see the improvements and development. The ride is strong and predictable and the finish is refined. What a machine!

- Kris W
Carbon GTR Street



For off road or urban adventures.



Two boards for the price of one.