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Bamboo GT Series
Best board I ever try 🤘🏻

The board is awesome so far. The only problem I had was that I received a bad remote causing an accident I will double check and make sure the remote works 100% fine 0 delay before going on high speed. I told evolve about the problem and at the Beginning I was going to returned the board But it is such a good board that I decided to give it another chance. Contacted evolve explained that I though it was the remote and they send me a brand new remote. 1 week pass by board works awesome 🤙🏻

Bamboo GT Series
Great commuter board.

I recently started a new job in a downtown area. Driving is such a pain with traffic and limited parking. Got the Bamboo GT all-terrain board for running around. I use this board to go to work, lite shopping and any other errands. Battery last me for 4-5 days for commuting but it's only 1/4 mile each way. Have only had it cut back on power once on me and that was after a few days and then a 3 mile trip. The power cut was from fast mode to eco mode but I still had 1/3 battery life. Nice feature to make sure you get home safely. The all-terrain tires roll over everything I have encountered, even railroad tracks! So if you are looking for one of the best priced electric all-terrain board this is the best on the market. The Carbon series is a bit faster and has a better range if you are more extreme than I am. For a 48 year old this is more than plenty of board for me. If you are thinking about getting one "Do it!" you won't regret it. I would buy another if anything happens to this one.
PS: Don't forget to get a helmet! This board is fast.

Bamboo GTX Series
GTX is the Best!

I’ve had my board for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! I ride every chance I get.

Bamboo GTX Series
Evolve Bamboo GTX Street

My buddy let me ride his Carbon GT and I fell in love. I immediately purchased the GTX and haven't stopped riding since. I don't think I have filled my gas tank in over a month. I grew up riding everything with a board under my feet and this is the most fun I have ever had. I take the board everywhere I go looking for new routes. I recommend everyone get one if you want to be happy in life. It's cheaper than therapy!

Carbon GT Series

My first E board and I love it, VERY SMOOTH AND CONFORTABLE! Can’t wait for what EVOLVE WILL BRING US ON THE FUTURE 🤙🏽🌌🕶

Best wheels yet

I have a carbon gt and these f1 wheels on it are amazing...the ride is soo smooth and cracks in the road run from these wheels...i weigh 222 lbs and with these wheels and a 32t gear cog set up i hit 27 mph which is insane...dont think about it....BUT THEM!!!

Bamboo GTX Series

Turns a lot of heads. Loads of fun. I definitely picked the right board.

Bamboo GTX Series
LOVING my new board “LaLa”!!!

Couldn’t be happier... The GF gave me a hard time initially but that soon stopped when she saw the joy I get from riding to and from work every day... Not to mention the dough I save not paying for transportation in SF, where owning a car is almost dumb... Seriously. ;)

Bamboo GTX Series
Regret Waiting So Long

I can not explain how impressed I am with this board. Thank you for making such a well made product!!! It’s becoming more and more rare these days.

Favorite wheels

Great soft street wheels. Feels like a big steam roller going down the street.

Power Power Power

These bad boys give some mean thrust. I'm using them with the Abec 11 97's and they just scream. The Torque is just crazy be careful not to fly off the baord when taking off. Uphills and take offs are really awesome with these gems...

Bamboo GTX Series
Top notch board!

Initially didn't work the first time I tried to turn it on was very concerned called up and they sent me a free shipping label and replaced the esc. Downside was waiting an extra 3 weeks to receive my board and i didn't receive any apology gift like a free hat or anything... regardless it works great now! would give it 5 stars but as I said impatiently waiting for the thing and having nothing extra for such a large purchase makes it hard to spend that again for my fiance. Will be getting her the halo board.

Bamboo GTX Series
This thing is amazing!

I did my homework for months before making this big of a purchase, and I couldn't be happier, I even tried a budget blitzart board, and went through two of them before getting a refund. I was truthfully worried about the negative things that people seem to say about evolve but I love the controller, I love the smooth ride, and I love everything about it. Only thing I regret is not getting the AT setup as well. I am dying to those wheels. I'm a big guy too, and I get plenty of range on a charge. If your contemplating it, pull the trigger you won't regret it.

Tire - 7" Evolve
Fabulous Tires

These 7” fun donuts will not disappoint.
Bottom’ll ride like a god.
Enjoy cause I do!

Drive Gear- Kegel Orangatangs 32T
Kegel Drives

Excellent product works exceptionally well

Carbon GT Series
Awesome ride

Really good board, been on city streets and at the beach, it rocks, goes over green lawns and Sandy beach path with no problem. It is now my favorite and best board.

Carbon GT Series
Almost the perfect board

The carbon GT is definitely worthy being a flagship board for this company. Against other competitors its torque, top speed and range are a difficult bundle to beat at this price range. The craftmanship in the finish, board and controller feel exclusive and top notch. As for improvement, the are some to be made. For instance the wheels the come with the carbon GT are too small and cant experience the advertised top speed out of the box. Also I'm hoping for a software update that will allow the board to ride backwards even if its max speed is only a few mph. And also a record of miles on the board would be ideal for maintenance. Aside from that it really is worth riding.

hands on

hello to the team beehind this great board company. the title of this review goes back when I purchased this second gen board from a private party. awsome dude the seller, had bought the latest GTX and sold me the single motor bambo bustin edition for a smokin one hundred bucks. my stoke was high that night, more over because I had went there not to purchase the board. originaly I met the guy through the interwebs to purchase his mountain bke wheels because he ended his racing season. dude says he had issues with battery life and remote. wich were true. i purchased this heavily used board January. Been using it almost every day now for as long as the battery would hold, i'd say hour and a half. there have been times were it just wont budge. I am writing this with a smile on my face as I remember the good times this board has given me. I work full time, I use the board for morning coffes and mid day lunches. I haven't saved for a newer model yet but its in the works.

ps. the only suggestion I can give is a control with less data/buttons. like the first gen one trigger two buttons and having the latest gen trigger.



Great bearings

I bought these bearings for a set of my all-terrain tires they worked out so well and they are so fast and smooth I bought for more sense for my other set of all terrain tires and my 97 mm evolve Wheels

R2 remote

The R2 remote is better than the original one that came with the Carbon GT board but could use some refinements. Overall, connectivity with board is good with few disconnects. Have fairly good confidence that R2 will stay connected but have had some issues where it has disconnected or has put itself back into safe mode for no reason. This has been a bit disconcerting. The biggest refinement I think the R2 could use is...1) Make a protective sleeve or 2) Build the remote more robust so that a drop on the ground...doesn't mean a new remote. This happened to me. I dropped the remote about 3 ft. to the ground as it was resting on the top trucks of my board while board was placed against the wall. The remote fell to the ground, cracked the screen and it stopped working all together...(bummer, when you are far from home). See uploaded picture of cracked screen. Didn't reach out to customer service because I didn't want to be a whiner. Needless to say, I had to purchase a new remote. So here is the bottom line Evolve...You make Kick Ass boards, no doubt... (I own 3 of them - 1 Carbon GT and 2 bamboo GTX's)...Step up to the plate and make a remote that is stronger, more robust...can withstand a few bumps. Get away from the flimsy plastic shell and compliment the board with a tough, well protected casing. This will go a long way with you clientele.
-C. Fox

Quick charge is a must!

Have the quick charge is must for the daily rider! Being able to get charged up for more riding while working out or grabbing a bite it awesome!

Great wheels

I normally ride on my Orangatang caguamas but I decided to get a set of these 97 mm evolve wheels and wow they are so smooth and the stone ground finish really makes it easy to slide my board I put a set on my carbon gt and my GTX

Bamboo GTX Series
Great E-board

My first E-board this board is incredible. Great carving really fast and a blast to ride. Have not switched to the street wheels yet but look forward to it. Great flex and fun to ride like my sector 9 board but no pushing. Climbs hills like a beast. Waiting for the warm spring days so I can get more hours. Would highly recommend it. Look forward to some group rides.

Good quality

I bought a set of the 38 tooth gear setup for my carbon GT and my bamboo GTX.. and wow what a difference I weigh 220 lb and the torque difference is unbelievable without much sacrifice in the speed Department only 1 - 2 miles per hour decrease in top speed.. if you are a heavier Rider and are suffering from Battery sag loss of torque and the ability to climb steep hills then the 38 tooth gear setup with belts is perfect for your board

New motor plates

Bought a set of motor plates to go on my carbon GT and then you are just as good as the originals thank you evolve for your top quality parts