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Fun with the Evolve Carbon GT

Have a little fun on your way with the Carbon GT! Shot in LA, California using the Evolve Carbon GT (street setup).

Motorized Boards: The Revolution of the Skateboarding Industry

Remember the days of skateboarding at the local park? You and all your friends had a blast trying to kick flip and NOT hurt yourself. Now that you...

7 Reasons To Ditch Your Car & Use an Electric Skateboard To Commute

Weezer said it best all the way back in 1994: "You take your car to work, I'll take my board." And now that we know just how much damage your gas g...

Battery Skateboards: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Battery skateboards aren’t just futuristic figments of your imagination anymore. No, they're really here to stay. Electric powered skateboards are ...

Factory Race Challenge - Evolve Weekly Ep. 29

The Factory Race Challenge is a course we set up at Evolve HQ where the team members race against each other to get the best time possible. The riders will all be using the Evolve Carbon GT with the new Evolve 97mm wheels and will have to pass through a number of obstacles including the Garbage Hole, The Bridge of Glory, Annings Revenge, Cock Alley and finally - Panda Attack.

Tech and Gadget EXPO - Evolve Weekly Ep. 28

This weeks video covers Evolve's trip to the Technology and Gadget Expo (TGE) in Melbourne, Australia. The TGE allows crowd goers to interact with the latest products, meet with hundreds of brands and see what’s next to come. We had a really great time at TGE and got to meet a lot of the community as well as prospective customers. Both the Evolve GTX and the Evolve Carbon GT were readily available for the peeps to have a ride on as well as a number of boards from other brands as well.

Skate Like A Pro: 3 Electric Skateboard Tips

To help get you started with your new Evolve board, we’ve put together a few quick electric skateboard tips for beginners and advanced riders. You...

Going Green From Point A To Point B: 3 Eco-Friendly Ways To Get Around

Green lifestyles are becoming more popular with each passing year. There may be plenty of trendy ways to go green, but leading an environmentally ...

1950s to Now: The Past And Future of Skateboarding

Roughly 11 million people enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis, but it hasn't always been that way. Nowadays there are core skaters -- people that skate 26 times or more each year -- casual skaters, non skaters, and even a new form of skater: the electric powered skateboard user.

Evolve Skateboard Maintenance Tips - Evolve Weekly Ep. 27

We have received a LOT of requests for this video, so here is! This week we cover the core tips around keeping your Evolve skateboard well maintained. Nick will take you through a number of points that you should consider in order to keep your board running smoothly. These include: // Correct tire pressure // Ensuring wheels are installed properly and that you haven't pinched the inner tube // How to clean your deck // How to clean your bearings // How to adjust your bushings // How to clean your drive train // How to minimise tire wear We will also be doing a shorter version of how to service an evolve skateboard as part of our How To series so stay tune!

3 Great Outdoor Hobbies to Check Out

Now that you’re finally settling down in your career, you have to be careful not to become too comfortable. The worst thing you want to happen to you is just waste your days, weeks, and years by working a job just to get home and go to sleep. Working for more work is always a dangerous path to go down. That’s why you need to find some great new hobbies to enjoy -- especially when it’s nice out.

First Time Electric Skateboard Buyer? This Guide Will Help You Understand What to Look For

Whether you are one of the 11 million Americans who regularly enjoy skateboarding or you're someone looking for a new pastime, you may or may not have heard about the newest innovation: electric skateboards.