May 09, 2016

Gizmag Review on the Evolve Carbon 2in1

"The inspiration was wanting an electric skateboard that doesn't look like an electric skateboard," explains Anning, a structural landscaper by trade. "We wanted something that was more stealthy than a typical electric skateboard, so you can ride it around and not be hassled on the street." View full article →
December 04, 2014

Come see Evolve Skateboards at The Los Angeles Ski Dazzle Show Dec 4th - 8th!

Starting today, we will be at the Ski Dazzle Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center!  This is the 51st annual presentation of North America’s Largest Consumer Ski & Snowboard Show & Sale. All kinds of brands and vendors from all over the world will be in attendance for you to stock up on all the gear and gadgets your extreme sports loving hearts could wish for! 

We'll have swag and boards for you to check out so you can see what the endless carve nation is all about! 

Check out the Ski Dazzle Website for more info.


Los Angeles Convention Center 

1201 S. Figueroa Street – PARK AT SOUTH HALL
Los Angeles, California 90015


Expo Hours:

Thursday 4pm - 11pm

Friday 4pm - 11pm

Saturday 11am - 10pm

Sunday Noon - 6pm

October 21, 2014

Bustin Signature Series Available Now!

Recently Evolve Skateboards teamed up with well-known New York based skateboard brand Bustin boards, to create a signature series of high quality bamboo electric skateboards. We wanted to build something that maintained the smooth ride, light weight design, and durability of a traditional bamboo longboard, but with all of the electric longboard features, additions, and experience. 

What we came up with surpassed even our own expectations!

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August 18, 2013

The Evolvement of Longboarding

Longboarding originates back to the days when skateboarding took a leap forward with the advent of urethane wheels. Skateboarders did tricks, took to empty pools, and built half-pipes. Longboarders built longer skateboards with bigger wheels in order to be more stable and faster to cruise streets and seek out hills. View full article →
August 10, 2013

Our boards will be here soon!

Trucks and wheels are in, boards, motors, and batteries are in the US and on the way for assembly shortly!

May 03, 2013

First Post

I am an old school skateboarder and longboarder who can still remember the first boards with urethane wheels. We rode down hills everywhere we could find in Kalamazoo and on campus at Western Michigan University. My wife laughed when I bought a longboard for my son Bobby on his first birthday in 1990. She knew it was really for me. 

We saw an awesome new longboard design on a vacation in Santa Monica in 2005, and surprised Bobby with one for his birthday that year too. I also ran across one of the first made electric skateboards searching on-line and bought that as well. I loved riding without a hill! As a matter of fact, I've bought and tried several different models from several different companies for all three of my children. We have been waiting for years for someone to make a great electric skateboard that rode more like a longboard. One that would go longer and further, and be light enough to pick up and carry. Jeff and EVOLVE did it! These boards are awesome and unlike any others, better in so many ways..

We are fanatics of this board, and you will be too. We will be posting on our facebook page areas and dates we will be riding and doing demo's. Let us know about an event you'd like to see us at!

April 06, 2013

5 Essential Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard

  1. RANGE  Consider what you’ll be using the board for.  Carving/Fun?  Commuting?  Getting around on the weekends?  All of the above?  Can you comfortably get there and back without worrying about mileage?
  2. WEIGHT  If you run out of juice are you going to be able to carry or kick push it home?
  3. PERFORMANCE  The difference in eboards is akin to the difference between cars.  You have your boards that get you from A to Z and then there are the ones that are a pleasure to ride.  Look into the wheels and trucks and ask the question – how would this board perform without the electrical setup? There’s a big difference between an off-the-shelf electric skateboard and a quality longboard with a motor. Is it noisy?  Check out some videos without music to get an idea of a board’s noise level. 
  4. SPARE PARTS AND SUPPORT  Is there a warranty?  How often will you have to replace the belt and wheels?  What is customer support like? 
  5. PRICE  What are you getting for your money?  Remember to compare apples to apples: lithium are more expensive than lead acid, real skate parts are more expensive than off-the-shelf boards from China, a longer range means a more expensive battery has been used.  Who has made/assembled the board?  Is it off-the-shelf from China where cost is the bottom line, or has it been made by someone who is an eboard rider and passionate about performance?