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Drive Belt - Gen2

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$24.99 USD

Replacement Belt for Gen2 boards, please select Street or All Terrain kit. 

High performance motor belt by Gates - made in the UK.  One of the best quality belts on the market providing fantastic power while running very quietly.   


Not compatible with GT Series or Gen1 boards.

Customer Reviews

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hands on

hello to the team beehind this great board company. the title of this review goes back when I purchased this second gen board from a private party. awsome dude the seller, had bought the latest GTX and sold me the single motor bambo bustin edition for a smokin one hundred bucks. my stoke was high that night, more over because I had went there not to purchase the board. originaly I met the guy through the interwebs to purchase his mountain bke wheels because he ended his racing season. dude says he had issues with battery life and remote. wich were true. i purchased this heavily used board January. Been using it almost every day now for as long as the battery would hold, i'd say hour and a half. there have been times were it just wont budge. I am writing this with a smile on my face as I remember the good times this board has given me. I work full time, I use the board for morning coffes and mid day lunches. I haven't saved for a newer model yet but its in the works.

ps. the only suggestion I can give is a control with less data/buttons. like the first gen one trigger two buttons and having the latest gen trigger.



New Belt

Rode my old belt for 2yrs or so. Never wore out. I recently over tensioned it and it snapped while breaking.... Thank goodness for my extra replacement belt! I learned something new with these belts as well! Ride them loose! You want it tight enough that the belt wont slip while accelerating or braking but the looser the better. I cannot believe how free my board rolls now. Not to mention how quiet the motor is!

Thanks Evolve!

Thanks Evolve USA

Thanks Evolve USA

Fixed Slipping Belt

My belt was slipping quite badly when braking. This fixed it completely.

Replacement belt

Works fine. Had to replace it after riding on a gravel road. Rocks got sucked up into the belt and shredded it and I had to hoof it 2 miles. Wuz using the regular size wheels at the time. Seems like you ought to protect the belt better. Anyway, I'm beyond affording $2000 skateboards these days. Good fun if you have good balance.