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38T Drive Gear Upgrade Kit

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$94.99 USD

Trade off some top speed, and increase the acceleration of your GT board with this gearset. Offering around 20% more torque, this will allow you to run bigger wheels, climb steeper inclines and increase the braking power available.

Kit includes:
2 x 38 Tooth Drive Gears (inc. Drive Bearings)
2 x adjusted size GT Drive Belts

Compatible only with the Evolve GT Series boards with the following wheels:

Evolve GT Wheels (any size)
Abec11 -Flywheels (any size), F1's, and SuperFlys
Orangatang Kegels and Caguamas, and Boas

Please be aware, this gear has a significant increase to the acceleration on our boards. Please use carefully as the higher speed modes can allow the board to accelerate much faster, and increase the risk of an unexpected fall. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Power Power Power

These bad boys give some mean thrust. I'm using them with the Abec 11 97's and they just scream. The Torque is just crazy be careful not to fly off the baord when taking off. Uphills and take offs are really awesome with these gems...

Good quality

I bought a set of the 38 tooth gear setup for my carbon GT and my bamboo GTX.. and wow what a difference I weigh 220 lb and the torque difference is unbelievable without much sacrifice in the speed Department only 1 - 2 miles per hour decrease in top speed.. if you are a heavier Rider and are suffering from Battery sag loss of torque and the ability to climb steep hills then the 38 tooth gear setup with belts is perfect for your board

Better price

The upgrade kit is cheaper than buying them individually. And i love how thick the belts are.

Got more unf for the hills!!!

This gears give you like a little less off the line but more with more juice on up to hills with ease these are the gears for anything over 90

The 38T gear

Best upgrade so far for my Carbon GT. If your one of those person that is on the heavy side, and you don’t think you have the torque to pull you up a steep hill, well say no more. This is your answer. The pros, way better torque. Instant power. Cons, you’ll sacrifice too end speed. But that’s a simple issue that can be easily fix. Get the 38T with the ABEC 107mm flywheels. I also bought the 38t gear for the orangatangs wheels, currently using 38T with the Orangatang Caguama and honestly I feel it’s a pretty badass setup for torque and high end speed. One last thing, I upgraded the stock motors from the 150KV to 200KV now. So I have a total of 400KV or 4000 watts of output power!! Next thing to do is upgrade the batteries.