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Shred Lights - Combo Pack - Standard

$74.99 USD

Shred Lights are the solution to low light on your ride. 

Designed specifically for skateboards, Shred Lights have three settings and two brightness levels; (Low- (40 lumens), High- (80 lumens), and flash) that provide plenty of light to not only see in the dark, but to be seen!

Each light has a USB rechargeable battery that lasts 2 -4 hours (depending on the setting), water resistant, and an easy, tool-free removal. 

Each kit contains the following: 

- 1 Pair of Headlights 
- 1 Pair of Tail Lights  
- 2 Sets of Standard Brackets
- 2 USB Charge Cables  
- ShredLights Stickers 
- Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shred Lights

Really gives my Carbon AT a special look. Thanks! Also sure enjoyed viewing Jeff's. and Jays walk around the HQ in OZ. And was great too on describing the new equipment.The new Carbon AT looks super . Congrats on all you guys do.
David from Austin,TX. USA

Crazy Bright Lights!

I got these lights to be more visible at night. These lights on "HI" are super bright. The "Med" setting is as bright as most other brands. I like to run with HI on the front and the blinking mode on the rears. No problems seeing everything in front of me any more. Love these lights. If you ride at night these are a must have.

Awesome lights

Easy to install it will be perfect if the front lights have more power but overall they really good

The design is not ideal.

Honestly, I was stoked to get these. Put them on my boosted board. They cannot be charged while on the board though. You have to remove each light individually and charge them. I wouldn't have an issue here but the fit is so tight on the rear that it is nearly impossible to get off to charge. Going back on is just as hard if not harder you really have to manipulate the silicone to get them on. Also, the cover that keeps the charging port dry isn't attached to the silicone so it is a super small USB insert that can be easily lost and I almost need tweezers to put it back in. Pretty poorly design overall. I wouldn't buy again until some simple design changes were made. They do shine bright though!

Great lights

They really work, bright and can be seen a city block away!!