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Drive Belt - Street

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$29.99 USD

OEM Replacement Drive belt for GT Street kits and the ONE with 32T drive gear

Gates' GT3 series belts - made in the UK.  One of the best quality belts on the market providing fantastic power while running very quietly.  

Sold individually 

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Don't settle for cheap belts.

Look, I know what you're thinking. "These belts are too expensive." Maybe there are cheaper ones on Amazon. Hold on there, partner. From experience, cheap belts don't last. They stretch. They break. These here are re-enforced belts made to withstand the torque of carrying around your fat ass. You'll save money buying these. And if they break, have a look at your drive gears and make sure the teeth aren't sharp. If they are, you need new gears AND belts. So, yeah. Buy these.

32 T Belts

Always good to have a spare on hand, I havent torn one yet, and I board quite a bit, both off and on road here in the east bay " San Francisco" Recommend for high quality!

Direct replacement, quick delivery

Thankful that Evolve has an easy to use site with parts categorized for each different model of board. Makes it painless to find quality replacement parts that match the originals exactly.

Replacement Belt

So I have the Carbon GT, wich is awesome ofcourse. But like with any good belt driven e board, a lil more maintenance is required. So I ordered a new belt since mine broke. Works great, but I thought I was getting a set, but it's just one. So if you need 2 belts make sure and order 2.

Good belts

I love evolve belts, they are made by gates who make automotive belts, which in my opinion are the best and last the longest