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Carbon GT All Terrain

Carbon GT All Terrain



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GT is synonymous with performance. The GT All-Terrain not only takes that performance down the road less travelled, it blazes a new path all of its own!  The beautifully designed GT carbon fiber deck with built in electrics has a precise low profile look and feel, allowing fantastic control and stability when riding. 

3000 watts of twin brushless sensored motor power drives Evolves all new 7” All Terrain pneumatic hubs and tyres.  This coupled with a powerful lithium battery give you a range of up to 30km per charge, turning any road or path into the endless powder run of your dreams!  The board will come alive when ridden on pretty much any terrain.  From cruising the beach footpath to shortcuts across huge fields - the GT Carbon All Terrain eats the terrain you’d usually avoid for breakfast.  Gravel tracks will become rally stages and that group of grassy hills will morph into a never-ending set of rolling surf breaks just begging for your endless carve.  This board will change the way you see the world, and the paths you see in it!

The Evolve GT All Terrain offers more riding modes than ever before allowing all levels of rider to enjoy the product safely with the added ability to adjust your mode while riding to suit conditions and maximize efficiency.  Use “SLOW” mode for easy control and a safe top speed, perfect for beginners and first time users.  Once you get the hang of things switch to “ECO” mode for a relaxed ride and unparalleled range.  Try “FAST” mode to whizz past traffic and turn your commute into your daily adrenaline rush hour, and if you dare, switch to “GT” mode to unleash the insane power and acceleration with the ability to climb hills of up to 25% gradient!

To top it all off, you can see this performance in real-time with an industry first from Evolve Skateboards: The all new Evolve GT Series Remote.  It gives you instantaneous feedback on your speed, battery level, range and mode selected with a built in screen, right from the palm of your hand!

Retaining and improving on all of the features that made our previous generation so successful around the world; super-carve trucks, regenerative ABS braking and even more versatility in wheel options – The Evolve Carbon GT All-Terrain might hide its brutish abilities in the sleek new drop down deck design, but don’t be fooled – at only 9.5kg, it’s a thug dressed in Armani.  Performance shouldn’t look this good!

Customer Reviews

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Carbon gt

Wow my carbon gt with at setup I could get 8miles on it I’m 320 lbs so. Now I also bought the 107mm Abec 11 and the 38t gear I’ve tested it aswell and that’s were the money is. I drive on some decent hills not long but up a couple and the power is crazy smooth. I achieved 15 miles with the 107s, and I trust the carving more with the on road tires than at. Had some clicking already but took it apart and seemed to go away. I bought this board figuring with my weight the board will ware out faster but we will see. I’ve heard your customer service is very good we will see😂. Overall fantastic product well built and no problems with remote like people keep bitchen about on a lot of reviews. Upgrading to the new batteries from the gtr. Will that happen I’m sure these lithium cells will be fine for a couple years but upgrading would be awsome. I’ll happy with my purchase!


My first E board and I love it, VERY SMOOTH AND CONFORTABLE! Can’t wait for what EVOLVE WILL BRING US ON THE FUTURE 🤙🏽🌌🕶

Awesome ride

Really good board, been on city streets and at the beach, it rocks, goes over green lawns and Sandy beach path with no problem. It is now my favorite and best board.

Almost the perfect board

The carbon GT is definitely worthy being a flagship board for this company. Against other competitors its torque, top speed and range are a difficult bundle to beat at this price range. The craftmanship in the finish, board and controller feel exclusive and top notch. As for improvement, the are some to be made. For instance the wheels the come with the carbon GT are too small and cant experience the advertised top speed out of the box. Also I'm hoping for a software update that will allow the board to ride backwards even if its max speed is only a few mph. And also a record of miles on the board would be ideal for maintenance. Aside from that it really is worth riding.

Awesome board

Carbon GT is my second board from Evolve, first one is a Bamboo GT purchased a year ago. Upon receiving my Carbon GT I noticed it came with the new motors which sound quieter than the older motor IMO. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks and rode it a handful times so far but I love it! Carbon GT looks sexy as hell! Thanks Evolve for a great board!