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Bamboo GT Street

Bamboo GT Street



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The Evolve Skateboards original Pintail and Snubnose started the Bamboo legacy. Now they are reborn, with GT performance! 

We took the true longboard feel that made the bamboo models so popular, and combined it with 3000W of dual brushless motor power, the new GT remote featuring a digital LCD screen, and the new wider super-carve truck system for stability whilst enabling tight carves. Your ride will feel even smoother with Evolve’s all new GT Series wheel – an 83mm hybrid of all that is good in our favourite skate wheels; grip, softness and durability. Sporting a graphic true to the legacy of the original bamboo series, the Bamboo GT Street embraces the comfortable locked-in feel of the Gen2 deck and flexible battery case to create a soft, surfy ride that is perfect for cruising your favourite spots. Taking you up to 35km in just one charge, you will run out of path before you run out of battery! The Bamboo GT Street is the hybrid of unparalleled performance and traditional longboard style, an effortless low profile package guaranteed to draw both attention, and envy.

The Evolve Bamboo GT Street offers more riding modes than ever before allowing all levels of rider to enjoy the product safely with the added ability to adjust your mode while riding to suit conditions and maximize efficiency. Use “SLOW” mode for easy control and a safe top speed, perfect for beginners and first time users. Once you get the hang of things switch to “ECO” mode for a relaxed ride and unparalleled range. Try “FAST” mode to whizz past traffic and turn your commute into your daily adrenaline rush hour, and if you dare, switch to “GT” mode to unleash the insane power and acceleration with the ability to climb hills of up to 25% gradient!
To top it all off, you can see this performance in real-time with an industry first from Evolve Skateboards: The all-new Evolve GT Series Remote. It gives you instantaneous feedback on your speed, battery level, range and mode selected with a built in screen, right from the palm of your hand!

The Bamboo GT Street: the true longboard feel you love with the performance you need! 

Customer Reviews

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Best board I ever try 🤘🏻

The board is awesome so far. The only problem I had was that I received a bad remote causing an accident I will double check and make sure the remote works 100% fine 0 delay before going on high speed. I told evolve about the problem and at the Beginning I was going to returned the board But it is such a good board that I decided to give it another chance. Contacted evolve explained that I though it was the remote and they send me a brand new remote. 1 week pass by board works awesome 🤙🏻

Great commuter board.

I recently started a new job in a downtown area. Driving is such a pain with traffic and limited parking. Got the Bamboo GT all-terrain board for running around. I use this board to go to work, lite shopping and any other errands. Battery last me for 4-5 days for commuting but it's only 1/4 mile each way. Have only had it cut back on power once on me and that was after a few days and then a 3 mile trip. The power cut was from fast mode to eco mode but I still had 1/3 battery life. Nice feature to make sure you get home safely. The all-terrain tires roll over everything I have encountered, even railroad tracks! So if you are looking for one of the best priced electric all-terrain board this is the best on the market. The Carbon series is a bit faster and has a better range if you are more extreme than I am. For a 48 year old this is more than plenty of board for me. If you are thinking about getting one "Do it!" you won't regret it. I would buy another if anything happens to this one.
PS: Don't forget to get a helmet! This board is fast.

Love it...

Love it...

Awesome GT!!!

I absolutely love the GT. We have the best time riding as a fam!

Bamboo GT

Some of the most fun I have had in years!