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Abec 11 ReFly Wheel Set

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$99.99 USD

Made in the USA!

Tank-like Centerset wheels that roll over everything in their path. Soft Abec thane ensures a plush ride and plenty of grip when you want it. Rounded lips allow smooth breakaway for predictable slides, ensuring that surfy feeling is not locked to the waves. 

Sold as set of 4

Please note, the Abec 11 ReFly wheels use the same drive gear as the black Evolve GT wheels.  Replacement drive gears are found here. 

Customer Reviews

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Pretty decent wheels but not much of a gain for the money

I purchased the weeks because of the reviews and most of it is true but I'm not much of a skateboarder so I can't say I'm super on it. This is purely a layman's review. I like that the weeks are softer I can tell the difference. Make sure once you get these to recalibrate your remote bu going to the setup menu to choose your wheel size as well as your quantity teeth of gear. Main difference I notice is that the takes slower but also the overall speed has improved. I do push off when starting so I dont stress the motors as much but even with that I can sense it's a but slower. Overall a decent wheel.

Abec 97 wheels

Definitely a big upgrade from the 83mm gt street wheels. Gives a very smooth and comfortable ride. Highly recommend!

Speed Demon

These wheels are fast, realllll fast! Hold on to your britches kids

Abec 11 Refly 97mm Wheels

I put them on my One and I love them. Gives a great smooth ride with the kind of grip I love. Very fast shipping also. Thanks Evolve USA.

beat wheels

I love these 97 abec 11 refly. I have a extra pair, honestly doesn't look like I'll be using them anytime soon. I ride in Venice ca, roads are rough, no chips yet on the wheels yet