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Tire - 7"

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We’ve taken all that we love about pneumatic skateboard tires, and bundled them together to make a tire designed specifically for use with the rigors of the electric skateboard. Strong sidewalls mean more tire strength at lower pressures, thick hard compound rubber to make them last longer than ever before, and a tread pattern that will give you a smooth ride no matter what path you choose! Compatible with the Evolve 7” Hubs! 

Now with Knobby tread!

Sold individually; Tire only, 7" inner tube sold separately

Customer Reviews

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Best mileage... but...

Most of the stars for being the best. I’ve tried other cheaper options but they’re not really any cheaper after you realize how fast they wear. Still, I feel a bit gouged on the price of tires for my skate habit. But that’s the nature of addiction... pay whatever it takes for satisfaction.

GTR Bamboo

GTR Bamboo is awesome! Always put a smile on my face!

Alll Terrain Tires

I skate in the suburbs where pavement is not as smooth as in a city. There is a lot of lose gravel so soft wheel does not work. The All Terrain Tires 7” have the perfect grip for slalom and speed and will go thru areas that are not suitable for skating. Very easy to replace. I prefer 7” over the 6” . I gives me more speed.

Great quality

by far the best types in the market would recommend them to any serious off roading enthusiast fun fun!!!

Great tires

Some of the best 7x2” AT Urban tires you can get. I’ve tried several from MBS and Trampa, but these last way longer and ride much better.