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All Terrain Conversion Kit 6"

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$249.99 USD

 Kit includes everything needed to convert your board

AT Hub (choose color): x4
6" Street Tires (Black): x4
47T Drive belts x2
47T Drive gear x2
Belt Covers x2
Ceramic Bearings x8

Customer Reviews

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everything you need!

converted from 7" AT to 6" AT with this kit, which has everything you need. it supplies a good amount of extra speed rings, spacers, and lock nuts as well. this is my first time changing anything gearing related (belts, gears, bearings, tires, hubs) on my 2017 CGT, and it was a breeze! now, i may need to get a street wheel kit... :D

Good so far

but already in less than 100 miles and wheel bearing in left rear wheel went bad and just recently inner AT hub bearing is bad too.

Great product

Just everything I top notch you’re going to be paying for it too with the wallet though geez I’d this company expensive!

Oh but also, these 6” wheels done look as dumb and big and bulky they’re totally worth it to buy and replace the huge 8” wheels. Could have actually reduced the hub size too but it was probably too big of a cost for them, you get the exact same hub just smaller wheel. Cheap move to charge top price

Decent 6" wheels

If you want pneumatic wheels that ride like hard compound rubber wheels then this is the one. Pros: it goes over everything like the 7", won't chip like the 107mm. Cons: you feel everything you roll over, it's not a comfy ride as the 7".