What Happened to the Friendly Neighborhood Skate Shop?

January 24, 2018

electric skateboard

Surprisingly, only 3.1% of all skateboard sales actually occur inside sporting goods stores. Back in the day (during the 1980s and 1990s), countless skaters, burnouts, punks, and misfits could be found lurking inside skate shops from California to New York. Young skaters would browse skate magazines behind the counter, take home the latest skate tapes, check out new gear that came in from their favorite brands, and they would even skate a little bit in certain areas of the store. 

That's not the case anymore. 

Today, the friendly neighborhood skate shop is fast disappearing. However, this isn't due to a lack of interest in skating, which is more popular than ever. Kids across the country are still skating as much as possible. It's just that kids would rather spend their time actually skating and not just looking at skating equipment inside shops. Also, there just aren't as many brick and mortar skate shops anymore due to the ease of shopping online. It's never been easier to buy new decks and gear online, where the selection is often much larger.

Kids and their parents can find the perfect skateboard, cool shoes, and all the other necessary gear on the Internet at a much faster rate than aimlessly browsing a physical skate shop or sporting goods store. 

Additionally, skateboarding itself has evolved over the last few years. There are still plenty of kids who enjoy riding on traditional skateboards, but in major cities in the U.S., electric skateboarding is becoming just as popular. 

Electric skateboarding has a lot of similarities with conventional riding, but there are clearly some major differences as well. Since these electric boards can travel at much faster speeds, people are using them as viable commuting options to and from school and work. Also, there are longboards and off road boards that are battery powered, too, effectively revolutionizing all aspects of traditional skating. 

Just because people aren't spending as much time in skate shops as they used to doesn't mean skating is going away. It just means that skating is changing and evolving for the better. 

If you are ready to check out your own electric skateboard or find some quality motorized longboards for someone in your family, contact Evolve Skateboards today. Enjoy the ride! 

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