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Overcoming the Negative Aspects And Dangers of Skate Culture

electric powered skateboardThere are electric powered skateboards in major cities all across America. Everyone from children to young professionals are hoping to get a new electric skateboard in the near future and learn how to skate electric. Though electric powered skateboards are becoming more and more popular, skateboarding wasn't all that popular for a long time. 

It took a while for skateboarding to become popular in the United States. For years, skating was looked at as extremely juvenile, immature, and even associated with criminality. Obviously that's not the case and there are plenty of reasons to skateboard. Unfortunately, skate culture does have some negatives associated with it that can lead to pretty serious problems if you're not careful. 

Skateboarders, especially professional ones, often live reckless lives during the day and even more reckless lives at night. These thrill seekers are always skating, grinding, and falling down during the day as they work on pulling off a new trick or getting great video footage. Once the skating is done for the day, though, for many, the danger just begins. 

Neen Williams was skating since he was 13 years old. He fell in love with skateboarding and fell in love with all the bad aspects of skate culture, too. He was drinking almost every night, he wasn't eating right, he was doing drugs, and he wasn't taking care of his body at all. 

He almost fell victim to the dangers of this rock star lifestyle. 

"Skateboarding forever was like 'drink booze, smoke, we don't stretch, we don't work out'" Willaims sad. "I stopped drinking because the older you get you're going to feel the repercussions of doing all that." 

Williams has been a "core skater," someone who skates 26 times or more per year, for almost two decades. He's still skating now, but he's much more concerned with his health. He is finally eating right, working out a lot more, and completely cutting out the negative substances he relied on in the past. 

"Back in the day I'd wake up late, eat a burrito, and slam a beer," Williams added. "[I'd] go out and skate, manage to get atrick, and then it would just be party time again. It would just never stop. It was like a vicious cycle." 

Luckily, Williams now knows the importance of taking care of his body.

"If you take care of yourself, you can skate forever," he adds. "That's what I want, to skate forever." 

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