Lights - Evolve Weekly Ep. 15

May 26, 2017

This week we brighten up your day (and ride), showing you how you can customize your board and stay safe with lights.

There are heaps of LED light options you can put on your Evolve skateboard so we thought we would take you through some of them. LED light installation is one of the most stand out ways for you to customize your electric skateboard!

Stay tuned at the end where we also cover glow in the dark paint which can really make your board stand out.

Below is the transcript of the video. Enjoy!


Hey guys. In today's episode of the Evolve Weekly, we're going to discuss board customization focusing on LEDs.  We're finding heaps of old customers love to use LEDs on their boards for safety reasons, riding at night, as well as they just look super cool.  So people use LEDs on their boards for a wide range of reasons. One of the most common ones is purely just to customize the board to make it their own, make it personal; so the other reason is safety.  If you're doing a lot of night riding, any increasing amount of any LED lights on your boards are going to make it easier to be seen.  These especially put a nice red glow on the ground right around the whole board, making it easier to see from a distance. So people, cars, bike riders; doesn't matter, they're going to see you coming from a mile away.

The other things people like to use are these LEDs; these are the whites we sell in our store. So these fit around the trucks, front and rear.  They’re also aesthetic or just have one for the rear. The same thing fits around the truck, has the same functions; flashes, two different brightness settings, and they work well.

So on my board I run a set of Ay Ups.These things are regionally supplied, but they come with a stack of different attachments.  You can buy these online, you can put them on anywhere on the board on your helmet, Velcro, straps, or you name it.  I just put it on the front with one of the helmet attachments actually sticks onto Velcro.  Velcro on the bottom for the battery pack - slides in there and snaps on - and we are ready to ride.  So you look the best when you're filming.  You've got your light on you and you can see where you go, you’re probably blinded, but you look dope. 

So the LED light setup on this one is one of the more basic and easy setups to install.  It's just two simple LED strips, one on each side. They have double sided tape on the back of the strips.  They just simply stick to the deck, provided the deck is cleaned properly beforehand, so they'll stick quite well and they'll stay on.  I've used a couple of cable retainers on each side and at the back [of the board] just to keep the cables to it and that’s just got a simple battery unit put a switch on it and battery inside that sticks to the back with Velcro and just got a simple switch to turn it on.

Most no other motive electrical store is going to be able to help you with any kind of LED setup or IGB setup.  EBay, online stores, those kinds of places just search, so it is the IGB probably going to find something that suits what you want in person.  Send a full IGB set up right around the whole deck or color-changing all different sequences different patterns - looks pretty rad.  What else can make the board stand out at night?  Glow in the dark paint. 

It does change the color of the surface paint. You’re paying a little bit, but you know, it's definitely unique.  I’ve seen some people do the hubs, their trucks, their decks, and it definitely stands out, but you can't miss it.  Thanks for watching.  I hope this has given you some good ideas for pimping out your board and be sure to watch next week's episode because we got some pretty cool stuff ahead.


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