How Skateboarding Is Helping Kids Change the World

October 16, 2017

powered skateboardSkateboarding has been tremendously popular across the country over the last few decades. Currently, the United States accounts for more than 50% of the entire global skateboarding market. The global skate community is on its way, however, and is improving every year. 

Thanks to an increased interest among the world's youth, a little star power, and some community organizing, skateboarding is taking off in just about every corner of the globe. 

According to RNZ, skateboarding and other action sports are playing a major role in social development, community involvement, and even peacemaking across the world. 

"They are opening up these spaces of conversation where they feel support from a global community," said Waikato University Associate Professor Holly Thorpe. "We assume that young people in these spaces are victims, are needing our versions of support. What I'm seeing are some really creative, resourceful approaches they're using themselves to try to create change and improve their lives and others lives." 

Professor Thorpe has been researching skaters in Afghanistan and has been studying how action sports can help rebuild communities like those in Christchurch, New Zealand and New Orleans, Louisiana. 

"I saw that it didn't matter how much money you had or where you came from, everyone was skateboarding together," added Neftalie Williams, a PhD student and skating ambassador. "It doesn't matter where we're at in the world you'll see that bond between all skateboarders." 

Another way the sport can grow even larger and provide aid to struggling individuals is an increased presence of the sport's top skaters. Tony Hawk singlehandedly powered skateboarding into the mainstream throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, but it's up to today's skaters to carry on and help grow the sport all over the world. 

Luckily, there are plenty of young skating superstars that are doing just that. 

Here are some skaters that come from all walks of life, who all happen to be under 22 years old, and are also some of the best skaters on the planet. 

  • Nyjah Huston -- The 22-year-old American is one of the most popular skaters in the world. He's currently ranked number one for skateboarding performance competitions.

  • Pedro Barros -- Another 22-year-old skating phenom, he's one of Brazil's most successful skaters.

  • Kisa Nakamura -- A 17-year-old star in Japan, she has a bright future in the sport.

  • Vincent Milou -- Currently ranked in the top 20, he is one of France's best skateboarders.

  • Brighton Zeuner -- She might be another American, but a 13-year-old skateboard superstar is certainly worthy of note. She will continue to grow the sport for decades if she wants.

  • Finally, there is no doubt that skateboarding has changed since the days of Tony Hawk, which is fine. There are still plenty of traditional skating competitions, but skating, certainly as a hobby, has completely evolved. There are now electric powered skateboards being used for both recreation and commuting in dozens of major cities -- and this is a trend that will likely continue to grow. Kids now have the option to hop on a conventional board or skate electric for a few hours as well. 

    Whether it's battery powered skateboarders gliding across city streets or teenagers doing tricks in parks like the old days, skateboarding isn't going anywhere. Checkout Evolve Skateboards if you want to learn more about these new electric powered skateboards.

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