Holiday Shopping: What Do You Get Someone In Their 20s?

October 27, 2017

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The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s almost time to get shopping. The last thing you want to do is rush around in a panic with nothing but lazy parent ideas late in the season. You should start figuring out what to get your friends and loved ones much earlier on. But what on earth do you do if you have a son or daughter in their 20s? Kids these days aren't exactly interested in the same things their parents were at their age, and many of the gifts they would prefer didn't even exist until recently.

Shopping for your kids was certainly much easier when they were little. You used to be able to just get a few shiny toys, some boxes of crayons, and whatever popular toy was being talked about at school. Now that your kids are finally adults and out of college, you have to get them something a little more thoughtful, and it's tough to find something they will actually enjoy.

Hopefully, these gift ideas will be perfect for your twentysomething working professional. 

Electric Powered Skateboards
Check out an electric skateboard for sale and see if you think your millennial son or daughter will love it or not. If your child used to love skating when they were younger, they will likely love receiving a new electric skateboard as an adult. Though they might not have as much time to hit up the skate park, they will be able to use these motorized boards to travel to and from work and save plenty of money on gas doing it. In certain cities, traveling by motorized longboards is extremely popular, and your hardworking kids would benefit from this great gift. Keep in mind, however, that only 3.1% of all skateboards are purchased inside actual sporting goods stores these days. Check online for a great electric skateboard for sale. 

A Special Day Trip or Weekend Getaway
Consider sending your child and his or her significant other to a weekend getaway or a nice destination where they can spend the day together. Check online to see if their favorite bands are coming anywhere near where they live or look online for any special events going on in their area. Many young people prefer experiences and trips to possessions and more material things.

Help With Payments
While tastes and gift ideas change from generation to generation, never underestimate the value of cold hard cash. Although helping your adult children with their payments isn't as fun as buying them cool gifts, it'll be a tremendous help. Since your kids are finally out of college, they are likely battling student debt, in addition to paying for an apartment or house and dozens of other living expenses. Your kids will be forever grateful if you can help them with any payment -- especially around the holidays. 

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