Going Green From Point A To Point B: 3 Eco-Friendly Ways To Get Around

August 23, 2017

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Green lifestyles are becoming more popular with each passing year. There may be plenty of trendy ways to go green, but leading an environmentally friendly life is certainly not a passing phase. However, it's one thing to start composting and use refillable mugs for your morning coffee, but it can be more of a challenge to make more significant changes in the way you get to work or school or explore your area. But the truth is that there are some truly fun and unique modes of green transportation that don't require a ton of thought (or a ton of money). We've outlined just three of them below.

  1. Bicycle
    Bicycles are the no-brainer on this list. They're the go-to method of transport and recreation for those who want to be fit and see the world without increasing their carbon footprint (or wheel print, as the case may be). Walking is a great form of green transport, but it has its limitations. Cycling, on the other hand, is a lot faster and provides a much better workout. And because using one won't contribute to greenhouse gases, you can feel great about both your environmental impact and your fitness level.
  2. Battery Powered Skateboard
    Around 50% of the entire skateboarding market can be attributed to U.S. users. Traditional skateboards themselves are an eco-friendly way to get around, but electric skateboards are even more fun. The best electric skateboards look sleek and allow you to travel at high speeds (anywhere from 10 to 25 miles per hour, in most cases). While there are gas powered skateboards available on the market, these models won't have a positive effect on the environment. The best electric skateboards, however, come with rechargeable batteries that can be powered up quickly and provide a great range per charge. They're also way easier to travel with because they don't have to be chained up to a rack; you can just grab 'em and go.
  3. Electric Scooter
    If you don't want to skate electric, what about scooting electric? While they aren't as compact as the best electric skateboards on the market, they're still lightweight and compact. Like electric longboards, electric scooters run on rechargeable batteries. They're also pretty comparable in terms of speed and distance. They're often a better option for city dwellers who need a way to commute that doesn't involve physical exertion. This option isn't quite as affordable as a skateboard, but it's certainly less expensive and less time consuming to maintain than a car. They make an excellent in-between for those who want to get rid of their automobile but feel a bike or skateboard isn't quite right for their needs.
Whether you need a way to travel from home to work, want to become better acquainted with your area, or just want to have fun on the weekends, these eco-friendly transportation options are a great place to start. These green travel methods combine both traditional and technological elements, making it easier and more enjoyable for you to reduce your carbon footprint while getting where you need to go.

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