Getting MORE RANGE from your Evolve Skateboard - Evolve Skateboards Weekly Ep. 33

October 06, 2017

In this week's episode we are going to give you some tips on how to get more range and distance from your Evolve skateboard. The team at Evolve Skateboards Australia, USA and UK will give you some of their insights on how to travel further on a single battery charge. When looking at factors around increasing the range or distance an electric skateboard can travel, there are three main factors - environment, riding style and skateboard setup. Each of these play an important part in how much battery is used and thus the ultimate range of your ride. The range of an electric skateboard is an important factor to a lot of riders, especially those that want to commute on their boards. The Evolve electrics skateboards are some of the longest range boards you can buy on the market and are rated to travel a distance of up to 50 kilometers on a single charge. Commuting on an Evolve electric skateboard is one of the best ways to start and finish your day so if you haven't tried it already, we recommend you give it a go. Environmental Aspects: This includes elements such as wind, rough surfaces vs smooth surfaces, hills and riding through a city. Riding Style Aspects: This includes pumping your board, how to best carve, how to ride up a hill efficiently, the benefits of kick-pushing to start, Fast vs GT mode and remote trigger control. Setup Aspects: This includes factors like clean bearings, speed cream and AT wheels vs street wheels We recently performed a range test with Carbon GT vs a GTX and surpassed the rated range of 30 kilometers on All Terrain tires. You can see that video here: We will be doing a number of other range and distance tests soon! If you have any tips or have done any range tests on your evolve skateboard we would love to see the results. Use the #evolveriders in your post so we can check them out.

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