Evolve Your Skateboard, Go Motorized

December 21, 2017

motorized skateboard

Skateboarding is a fascinating sport, hugely popular in the United States, which dominates over 50% of the global skateboarding market. With a range of styles, traditional skateboards and cruiser-style long boards are a common mode of transportation in cities around the country. Upping the ante and staying relevant with advancing tech, the skateboarding industry is dabbling with motorized skateboards.

Making that manual push a thing of the past, motorized skateboards are on the rise. While you can make pushing yourself a thing of the past too, here's what you should know before you invest.

It's Transportation, Do Your Homework
Whether you're using a motorized skateboard for leisure, sport, commuting, or all of the above, it's still a mode of transportation. You have a choice between a chargeable electric skateboard and a gas-powered motorized skateboard (or you could get both). With anything gas-powered you're tying yourself to the regular purchase of fuel and offensive omissions. We've learned to trust gas powered motors, but why leash yourself to a gas station?

An electric powered skateboard eliminates both of those facets, but be warned; many electric skateboard companies cut corners on design and long term usability, leading to batteries that can't hack it long range. You don't want to be cruising on your brand new electric longboard for 10 minutes only to have it die on you. Look for durable battery life and consistent charge before jumping at your first purchase.

Know Your Limits
The safety message is old hat and we don't want to sound like your parents right now, but a motorized skateboard is fast and pavement is merciless. If you haven't set foot on a skateboard in a long time, hopping on one with a motor (some of which accelerate to 20+ MPH) may be a bit aggressive. In no way does this mean you shouldn't get into it, but we recommend shaking off the proverbial sea-legs and preparing for a serious change of pace beforehand. Talk to people who have and use them daily, and the knowledgeable folks who sell them. Get an handle on your skill level and take one for a test ride (you'll love it).

Watching transportation change is fascinating. Modern technology allows for some cool advances in the ways we get from point A to point B, so if you want to be on the forefront, but aren't sure where to start, we're right here for you. Skate Evolution begins here. Charge up, be safe, speed forward.