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Evolve Skateboards USA - Evolve Weekly Ep. 19

This week on evolve Weekly, we feature Evolve Skateboards USA! Our evolve US facility is based in Carlsbad, San Diego. All our US orders are shipped from here and the facility also has a full customer assistance and board service center. 

The people behind Evolve USA are both old school and new generation skateboard and longboard enthusiasts. They've ridden just about everything, and over 8 years ago, were the first people to buy an electric longboard in the Midwest.

If you want to buy an evolve skateboard in the US, these are the guys to talk to. They stock all the evolve electric skateboard range including the Bamboo GT, Carbon GT, ONE and the newest member of the evolve skateboards family - the evolve GTX.

Find out more about our US operations, check out