Evolution of Our Electric Skateboards (Part 1) - Evolve Weekly Ep. 16

June 02, 2017

 This week we have part 1 of our 2 part story on the evolution of our electric skateboards. In this video we cover the history of the first evolve skateboards prototype, evolve pintail, evolve snubnose, evolve bamboo gen 2 and the evolve carbon gen 1.

The first evolve skateboard was a prototype that Jeff built after coming back from a snowboard trip. Soon came the evolve pintail and snubnose which were the first production boards. The next upgrade was to the bamboo generation 2 and carbon generation 1 which evolve also released as all terrain electric skateboards.

Electric longboards have now become a popular transportation mode and great way to have fun. evolve are proud to be the leaders in their design and production.

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