Board Customizations

February 14, 2017

This week we look at board customization or as we like to call it - pimpn' boards.

We show you the different ways in which people put their own touches on their electric skateboards, from replacing the grip tape and decks to changing the colours of their wheels and trucks. Jeff gives us a rundown on his favourite tweaks and we also have a look at how some of the Evolve ambassadors have pimp'd their boards.

There will be more episodes dedicated to customizing electric skateboards in the coming weeks. In these episodes we will cover DIY tips and focus more on individual upgrades.

Below is the transcript of the video. Enjoy!



A lot of Evolve riders often like to add personality to their board.  How they do that is often using different colored grip tapes. They would take grip tape off our board and use a different style.  They may even have stencils and cut out their own design.  LED lights is a big one.  We have a lot of customers out there who love to pimp their ride out with LED light so at night skates, it’s just rad to ride at night.

It's just a strip of fled and and you can see where is the battery.  You have a different color so if you want to go to disco it's perfect. We often find that customers like to change their wheels a different color wheels and hubs so it just makes their board pop a little bit more and it's like having that color choice option because everyone has a favorite color so that's what we see often happens on skateboards.

One of the easiest things we've done so far is just coating our hubs with the removable bonnel paint. There's plenty of different color options we can choose from and gives us a chance to trial different color combinations and color options and sort of see what we like and, you know, it's an easy way to remove the paint afterwards if we don't like it and try something else.  There’s plenty different colors we can do and every month we can try something new.

Some of the craziest designs we've seen is that we've had customers using hydro dipping in their trucks and hubs so they get like a special patent it can be any type of graphic that just brings their skateboard to life.  Some of the better-looking aesthetic designs I’ve ever seen is when these people like to use a different deck and they even sand it back and they do their own painting on the decks and that have the grip tape over the top.  We've seen some beautiful artwork done by some of our customers and then they share it with us and then we love to share that with the general overall of Evolve community as well.  On my board I like to use a little bit of bling, little bit of gold here and there.

We're actually experimenting at the moment with different wrapping on our carbon boards so we can pretty much almost design anything on and put it on to our carbon fiber deck.

Hope you enjoyed the first video.  Just so you know there’s going to be a bunch more customization videos very soon so stay tuned but right now we're at the airport. We’ve gone to New Zealand and we will share the footage with you soon. Happy days!


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