Auckland Adventure

March 10, 2017

This week we bring you a video from our Auckland, New Zealand adventure.

We had a rad time skating around the city including the amazing Lightpath! We also got to meet some of the local riders for a skate at Albert Park as part of our New Zealand Demo Day. At the end of the episode we also feature videos from Evolve riders around the world.

We will be doing more adventure rides from different locations so stay tuned :-)


Also in News

Evolve Bamboo GTX - Evolve Weekly Ep. 18

June 16, 2017


This week we are excited to reveal the newest member of the evolve skateboard family - the evolve Bamboo GTX.

In this video we will do an evolve GTX review, as well as a field test. We will demonstrate aspects such as speed, the new evolve 97mm wheels, maneuverability and deck flex of this new evolve electric skateboard.

The Bamboo GTX Series has the power and performance features of the GT Carbon Series, but with the hugely popular flexible bamboo deck. It's the ultimate longboard with unrivalled electric performance. Gold 3000 watts of on-demand dual brushless sensored motor power, all new 97mm Evolve GT street wheels for increased speed, massive lithium battery for the longest ride time possible, the new wider super-carve truck system for stability whilst enabling tight carves, LCD screen digital remote and a comfortable and flexible bamboo deck pimped with laser cut grip tape! The perfect combination of style and ability, the Bamboo GTX Series is the insanely awesome carving machine for the wood deck loyalist who wants maximum performance!

Available in the sleek Bamboo GTX Street, or the adventurous Bamboo GTX All Terrain and even the GTX 2in1.

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Board Evolution (Pt. 2) + COMPETITION! - Evolve Weekly Ep. 17

June 09, 2017

This week we bring you part 2 of our story on the evolution of our electric skateboards AND another teaser for something new coming to evolve! In this video we cover the development of the evolve GT series and ONE board.

The evolve carbon GT and evolve Bamboo GT set a new standard in electric skateboards. evolve took the true longboard feel and combined it with 3000W of dual brushless motor power, a new GT remote featuring a digital LCD screen, and the new wider super-carve truck system for stability whilst enabling tight carves.

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Evolution of Our Electric Skateboards (Part 1) - Evolve Weekly Ep. 16

June 02, 2017

This week we have part 1 of our 2 part story on the evolution of our electric skateboards. In this video we cover the history of the first evolve skateboards prototype, evolve pintail, evolve snubnose, evolve bamboo gen 2 and the evolve carbon gen 1.

The first evolve skateboard was a prototype that Jeff built after coming back from a snowboard trip. Soon came the evolve pintail and snubnose which were the first production boards. The next upgrade was to the bamboo generation 2 and carbon generation 1 which evolve also released as all terrain electric skateboards.

Electric longboards have now become a popular transportation mode and great way to have fun. evolve are proud to be the leaders in their design and production.

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