August 18, 2013


The Evolvement of Longboarding

Longboarding originates back to the days when skateboarding took a leap forward with the advent of urethane wheels. Skateboarders did tricks, took to empty pools, and built half-pipes. Longboarders built longer skateboards with bigger wheels in order to be more stable and faster to cruise streets and seek out hills.

The progression and growth of longboarding evolved with the development of better boards, wheels, trucks, bearings, bushings, and all parts. Now that's true with electric powered longboards as well. Our bamboo boards have a flexy, soft, bouncy, and comfortable feel rolling and riding. The trucks turn and carve like crazy, while still being stable. Parts are designed and made out of the highest quality materials. You can customize them to your best look and feel. 

Evolve is about cruising and carving on city streets, back roads, parks, a college campus, and foot paths where there is concrete and you are trying to get somewhere, or not. We call it the "endless carve" because being motorized, you no longer need to find a hill or push. We enjoy many a "mental health" session riding our boards quietly around our neighborhood, cruising, and carving, or pulling them out of the trunk of our car when we want to explore somewhere we've never been before. You will too!

Do your research! Evolve lithium powered longboards roll smoother, quieter, and longer. You will find our involvement in the evolvement of longboarding sure to make you happy.