May 03, 2013


First Post

I am an old school skateboarder and longboarder who can still remember the first boards with urethane wheels. We rode down hills everywhere we could find in Kalamazoo and on campus at Western Michigan University. My wife laughed when I bought a longboard for my son Bobby on his first birthday in 1990. She knew it was really for me. 

We saw an awesome new longboard design on a vacation in Santa Monica in 2005, and surprised Bobby with one for his birthday that year too. I also ran across one of the first made electric skateboards searching on-line and bought that as well. I loved riding without a hill! As a matter of fact, I've bought and tried several different models from several different companies for all three of my children. We have been waiting for years for someone to make a great electric skateboard that rode more like a longboard. One that would go longer and further, and be light enough to pick up and carry. Jeff and EVOLVE did it! These boards are awesome and unlike any others, better in so many ways..

We are fanatics of this board, and you will be too. We will be posting on our facebook page areas and dates we will be riding and doing demo's. Let us know about an event you'd like to see us at!