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5 Benefits of Skateboarding No One’s Talking About

benefits of skateboarding

There are many reasons to love your electric skateboard: it’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s powerful. But it’s also one incredibly versatile little machine. While we obviously love carving down hills and tearing up some of the roughest terrain imaginable, we also love using our skateboards for some particularly “unusual” tasks. While we don’t find any of these things strange, we do get a lot of stares. But who cares what people think, anyway? Let them look! Besides fun and exercise, of course, here are some of our favorite benefits of skateboarding.

Walking the Dog is Easier, and Dogs Love It

No, not the yo-yo trick (although that would also be worth a try). But actually walking a dog. We love our Evolve pups—but sometimes, especially on Sundays, we get a bit lazy. That’s where the Evolve electric skateboard swoops in. This bad dog, well, it saves lives—not literally, of course. Well, maybe, but not really. It’s more like a hero out of some great comic book. It turns lazy Sundays into productive, fun days! Plus, dogs love the variable speeds. This is one benefit of skateboarding that we can get behind every day of the week, never mind Sunday.

Grocery Shopping Is Faster, Cheaper, and Better for the Environment

If you’re like us, you hate grocery shopping. If you’re also like us, you have a habit of overspending—which is just one of the many reasons why you hate it so much. However, an electric powered skateboard makes grocery shopping fun. Did you know that, on average, men spend $290 on groceries each month and women spend $323? Yikes! More striking is that a lot of that food goes to waste, ending up in landfills across the country.

Ditch the car! If you take your electric skateboard and a backpack, you can only carry so much. This means you can only buy what will fit in your bag, which means you won’t be wasting food. It also means you’ll save money on groceries—and gas! When you skateboard to the store and back, it’s good for you and the environment—what’s not to love? You’ll most likely have a harder time thinking up better benefits of skateboarding.

turn laundry day into longboard day

Laundry Days Don’t Stink

Whether you live in one now or you previously lived in one, we all know the pros and cons of living in an apartment complex. Laundry days can be a real chore, especially if your laundromat is in a different building! Heck, if you live in a house and don’t have your own washer and dryer, just the thought alone of going to the laundromat down the road can make you put off laundry for much longer than you should. But let’s face it: you probably won’t think about your dirty laundry again until you have nothing clean to wear—and even then, you might try and get away with wearing what’s on your back for just “one more day.”

In much the same way that Evolve electric powered skateboards make grocery shopping fun, you better believe they make doing laundry fun as well. Or, rather, at least as fun as you can make it. While your board sadly won’t be able to do your laundry for you, it does make getting to and from the laundry mat more interesting. Plus, you get to skate around while you wait. But do be careful that you’re not lugging around a giant hamper that blocks your vision or disrupts your balance. We recommend using something small but not too small, such as a camping backpack.

Leisurely Strolls Feel Different

We can’t recommend leisurely coasting through forests on your Evolve skateboard enough. All too often, we get caught up in going fast and shredding to our limits. But there’s something so special about a slow, meticulous ride atop an Evolve skateboard. We love taking rides on bike trails through forest preserves, letting the world and our thoughts fade away. Sure, walking works and is fun, but a slow glide makes you feel as though you’re floating—makes you feel as if you truly are absent from the world. It’s a great way to clear your head, and it gives you a real perspective on your presence in the world. Plus, you don’t get tired as quickly, which means you can be out there for longer. Get ready to pack your favorite sports drinks and snacks—you’re going to be out for a while. On second thought, maybe pack dinner. Little in the world beats eating a nice home cooked meal outside, surrounded by nature.

commuter skateboards

The Workday Commute Isn’t a Total Drag

Some take the bus. Others ride a bike. Most people drive a car. But almost no one rides a skateboard to work, let alone an electric one. Commuting on your electric skateboard saves you money, and it’s also a vitalizing way to begin and end the work day. Cars and buses can be pretty congested, a disgusting little reminder of what lies ahead. Coffee in hand, you’ll love feeling free atop your skateboard. We’ve found that it really gets our creative juices flowing. Who knows, it might even make you look forward to the day ahead! While riding a bike is a great alternative with many similar effects, no one likes sitting next to a sweaty co-worker. An electric powered skateboard, however, allows you to skip traffic and sweat! Take that, Karin.

Never underestimate the versatility of an Evolve skateboard or the near limitless benefits of skateboarding. There’s so much it can do and so many places it can take you. So, next time you need to go somewhere or do something, it might be in your best interest to take your skateboard with you. While our skateboards have their limits (they certainly won’t be able to do your chores for you), they ultimately make life easier and so much better for you and the environment—and really, what more could you ask for? Life is always changing, and it always finds new ways to be challenging—which is exactly why you have to get creative. With your head held high, take on the day with everything you’ve got and, of course, don’t forget to bring your electric skateboard. From your good days to your bad ones, trust Evolve to have your back.