3 Reasons Why Motorized Skateboarding Is Becoming So Popular

January 04, 2018

motorized skateboarding

The holidays are finally over and in addition to all the new fidget spinners that kids will be having fun with, there will likely be an influx of another popular new device. 

Roughly 11 million people report that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. Motorized skateboarding has grown in popularity in recent months and everyone from high school kids to young professionals will be spending time on these motorized skateboards. 

Here are some of the main advantages of motorized skateboarding that contributed to its growing popularity: 

Much easier to ride
Although you need to have some balance and coordination, skateboarding on an electric board is a little easier -- at least in terms of speed and control -- than their traditional counterparts. Rather than going as fast as gravity will allow you to travel, you can adjust your speed to go as slow or as fast (within reason) as you'd like. 

You don't have to avoid hills
With conventional skateboarding, if you're rolling along and come to the base of a giant hill, you either turn around to find another way or you gather enough energy to push up the big hill. With electric powered boards, however, you can easily skate up higher degree angles at decent speeds. 

Skate for longer periods of time
Even if you're skating across a smooth, flat surface, if you're on a traditional skateboard, you're going to get exhausted after a while. With an electric board, you can literally skate for as long as you want as long as the battery is charged and ready to go. Sometimes skating can be tiring no matter how long you've been riding, so relaxing on an electric board is the way to go. 

Motorized skateboarding doesn't have the long history of traditional skateboarding, but it seems like these cool devices are going to be rolling around American cities for a while. If you want to check out some quality motorized skateboards or motorized longboards for sale, contact Evolve Skateboards today. 

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