3 Gifts for College Graduates That Will Help Their Professional Development

October 05, 2017

motorized longboard for sale

After graduating from college, the months that follow are so important for a person’s life. They will begin to look for jobs that will put them on a great career path, they will start entertaining the idea of starting a family, and they will finally grow into who they truly are as a person.

If you’re child has just graduated from college (or is close to do doing so), it’s important that you get them a gift that shows them both how proud you are of them and how much you support how they reach their future goals. Here are a few excellent gifts to get a college grad as they embark on their professional endeavors.

New Bookshelf

Whether or not your kid is an avid reader, every young professional should have some sort of bookshelf in their apartment. College grads seldom pick out a bookshelf of their own, because they are sometimes expensive and not at the top of their list, but a bookshelf can be a great gift to help get them motivated to succeed in life. If you can, stock the bookshelf with inspirational, motivational, and helpful books that will help your college grad on their journey.

Modern work desk

Even though your child is officially done with homework, that doesn’t mean they won’t have personal projects they want to work on over the years. Whether it’s a task for work or a hobby, having a sturdy, modern desk is an extremely helpful tool.

Motorized longboards

When you think of gifts to enhance professional development, electric skateboarding might not come to mind right away. You can find a high quality motorized longboard for sale, however, that can be just efficient as it is entertaining. Roughly 11 million people admit that they enjoy skating on a regular basis, but motorized skateboarding isn’t just skating. Young professionals across the country are using motorized longboards and skateboards to commute to work and back, saving a significant amount of money on gas in the process. Check out a motorized longboard for sale and consider getting your child one as they maneuver through their professional careers.

Take some extra time and find the perfect gift for your recent college grad. If you want to learn more about battery powered skateboards or find a cool motorized longboard for sale, contact Evolve Skateboards today!

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ABEC11 107mm Review and COMPETITION - Evolve Skateboards Weekly Ep. 35

October 13, 2017

This weeks video is on the ABEC 11 107mm Review and Competition! In this video we will give you details on our collaboration with ABEC 11 to deliver a new 107mm electric skateboard wheel! The F1 is the offical name of the new ABEC 11 + Evolve 107 wheel and its designed to bring a completely new feel to your Evolve electric skateboard.

We were very lucky to have an interview with Chris Chaput, owner and president of ABEC11. Chris gives us some great insights into the the creation of the new ABEC11 Evolve F1 107mm wheel as well as some background to ABEC11. Chris is a legend of the sport and former world freestyle champion with ABEC11 producing a huge selection of sizes, shapes, durometers and formulas for every type of skateboarding. 

Stay tuned at the end as we will give you information on a competition we are running to giveaway a set of these great new skateboard wheels! You can have a look below for full details. 

In terms of specs - The wheel is 107mm in diameter and 55mm in width. It uses the 74A Urethane Reflex formula that ABEC 11 is famous for, giving you a super soft ride. A complete set of wheels weighs about 2kg (4.4 pounds).

This wheel does fit on most of our Evolve electric skateboards including the Carbon GT, Bamboo GT, GTX and ONE board. It will also work on our older Gen 1 Carbon and Gen 2 Bamboo but it won't be compatible with the pintail and snubnose due to wheel bite.

Two things to note - the belt covers won't fit on the board if your are using the 107mm wheels so you will need to take them off but we do have a new belt cover coming in the next few weeks that will be compatible. The GT remote also doesn't have a 107mm setting but we will be updating this shortly.

The ABEC 11 107mm F1 wheel will work with both our 32 tooth and 38 tooth drive gears, but each will give you a different ride. The 38 tooth gear will brake faster but the 32 tooth will give you a faster speed overall (but slightly less breaking performance). 

As electric skateboard wheels go - the 107mm wheel feels nice and stable due to its large size and should really transform your Evolve skateboard - giving you a great hybrid option between the standard street wheels and AT tyres. You will feel the bumps far less than with the smaller street wheels and its a real joy to ride. 

You can order them now from our website! www.evolveskateboardsusa.com.


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