Bustin Signature Series Available Now!

October 21, 2014

Recently Evolve Skateboards teamed up with well-known New York based skateboard brand Bustin boards, to create a signature series of high quality bamboo electric skateboards. We wanted to build something that maintained the smooth ride, light weight design, and durability of a traditional bamboo longboard, but with all of the electric longboard features, additions, and experience.

So, teaming up with our friends at Bustin seemed like a no brainer, since we wanted to design the most outstanding series of bamboo electric skateboards we possibly could. The designs we came up with surpassed even our own expectations and are built with the newest Bustin 2014 Mission Deck, with the pure long boarder in mind. Together, Bustin and Evolve used their world class knowledge and experience to build a top notch line of boards that includes the same three versions of electric skateboards we’ve always offered, the street version, all-terrain, and the 2 in 1 version. All three boards provide an experience unlike any other electric longboard on the market. Each is built with a piece of sustainably harvested Maple sandwiched between two solid pieces of bamboo, providing the pop and bounce that set bamboo boards apart. To really make the boards stand out, each version sports a custom designed graphic from skater/artist Ishtar Backlund.

The Street Version was designed specifically for the more traditional long boarder that prefers the pure low profile ride. 

The All-Terrain offers versatility and durability to take it on paved and dirt trails, still being lightweight and flexible for a smooth ride when commuting and a stable ride on off-road surfaces.

The 2 in 1 offers both experiences allowing you to switch set-ups in approximately 5 minutes. Ride to work on paved paths with the street set-up, then switch to all-terrain when you get home and rip up some trials. The 2 in 1 Bustin Signature Series E-Skateboard is truly the ultimate Evolve experience.

These boards are ALL currently available and we recommend ordering yours now, after all, the busy holiday season is approaching and you don't want to miss out on getting one of these awesome electric skateboards. Be the talk of your neighborhood and local skate shop or park with the Bustin Signature Series Electric Longboard from Evolve Skateboards. Get more details here!

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