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If I order today, how long will it take for my board to ship?

How much is shipping to my country and how long will it take to arrive?

Do you offer financing?

Service and Warranty

Is there any warranty?

If there is a problem with my board, how will it be resolved?

Common Skateboard Questions


What are the differences between the boards?

How old do I have to be to use an Evolve board?

Are the boards waterproof?

Can I do tricks on Evolve boards?

What is the maximum rider weight allowed for Evolve Skateboards?

How fast does it go?

Can I kickpush home if I run out of batteries?

Can I ride the board up hills?

Board Operation

How do I control the board?

How do I brake?

How do the speed modes work?

How can I get the best range from my skateboard?

How many charges will I get out of my battery?

How do I maintain my Evolve board?

How often do I need to replace the drive belt?

Can the All Terrain models ride over sand, rocks, and long grass?

Component Compatibility

Can I upgrade my current board with GT or ONE components?

What skate wheels can I use on my board?

Can I install the GT All Terrain kit on my board?